Structural Development
The Department came into existence with the establishment of Ahmadu Bello University in 1962. At its inception the Department was fortunate to inherit what used to be the Physics Department of the defunct Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology, ;Zaria. Although the building was shared with the Department of Mathematics, the Physics Department was saved the initial teething problems which are peculiar with Departments in a new University. The building still serves as the main block of the Department to this day.

The need for expansion arose in 1964 and was completed in November 1965. The building which is an annex to the south-western end of the main Departmental building is a two storey block. The B.Sc 200-L to 400-L teaching laboratories are located on the first floor while the ground floor houses the mechanical, computer and carpenter's workshops. The need for further expansion led to the acquisition of the buildings erected as temporary accommodation for the facilities of the Centre for Energy Research and Training. The centre eventually moved to its permanent site. Situated close to the laboratory block, presently they house the new Advanced Geophysics laboratory and the Material Sciences laboratory. These laboratories are meant for postgraduate training and research purposes.

In recognition of the pre-eminent position which Ahmadu Bello University is occupying among the community of Nigerian Universities, and conscious of the role which the Department of Physics in such a University will be required to play, effort is being made to expand the existing infrastructures and research facilities in the Department.