Undergraduate Programme

Minimum of 5 credits at SSC/GCE O/Level or equivalent examination including credits in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, English and any other science subject are required for entry into 100-level of the degree programme. Students are also selected for direct entry into 200 level of the degree programme on the basis of A/Level or equivalent examination with principal passes in Physics and Mathematics.

Registration of students offered provisional admission into the University is conducted in a central location and lasts two weeks.   Registration process commences with an interview in the faculty of admission and only candidates who are cleared by the interviewing panel as indicated by a stamp and signature of the Dean of Students may then proceed with the next stage of the registration. At the venue of the central registration, each Faculty has a stand and the Dean of the Faculty and the Registration Officer from the Academic office will check and ensure that the student is on the admission list before issuing such   a   student   with   the University Registration   Form to complete.  The Admitted Candidates are advised to bring along the originals of the following documents for Screening:-          

  1. Admission letter and interview clearance.
  2. Academic certificates (SSC 'O' Level, 'A' level, UME Scores, etc) to confirm that the student fulfills the University, Faculty and Departmental entry requirements.
  3. Student names should correspond with the ones on the certificates.
  4. Local Government Area of origin declaration.

If satisfied with the qualifications and the credentials, the Dean and the Admission Officer will sign the Registration Form. The student then proceeds to the Student Affairs stand for hostel and room allocation or information on off-campus accommodation and payment of all fees. Payments will only be accepted from students on presentation of duly completed and signed registration forms and admission letters.
Registration of courses for First and Second Semesters is done at the beginning of the First Semester, usually within the first 1-2 weeks. Late registration is often not possible especially where large numbers of students have to be taught or where facilities are in short supply.
The Departmental Registration Officer advises students on registration requirements and procedure. Students must register for all core and some electives courses. The following are the Departmental Registration Officers:

100                       Mal. Bashir D. Jatau
200                        Mal. A. Isma’il
300                       Mal. A. K. Abubakar
400                       Mal. Shuaibu Uba

In the Faculty of Science, the maximum credit load per semester is 24 and the minimum is 12; this is true for most other faculties. It is advantageous to register above the required minimum per semester in order to increase the chances of earning the required minimum credit units for the semester and subsequently, for the session. The extent to which this is done will depend on the capability of the individual student.
Students who are not in good academic standing or those with several carry-overs should consult their departmental academic advisors officers for proper guidance before embarking on registration in any particular semester.

In order to graduate, a student must pass all core courses, take the minimum required credit units of elective courses at all levels (see Section 5.1), as well as satisfy other degree requirements specified under Section 8.4.

Note: Not all the listed elective courses will be offered every year. The elective courses offered will be decided on the availability of staff on ground during that session.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics
The Department of Physics offers a 4-year degree programme for JME candidates, and a 3-year degree programme for Direct-Entry candidates, leading to the award of the B.Sc. (Hons) Physics degree.